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DeFeet created the custom sock category in 1992. Our craftsmanship is built on the principles of in-house manufacturing using the highest quality, locally sourced recycled and USA grown fibers. The result is the finest quality, best performing, longest lasting and most sustainable socks and accessories made anywhere in the world. 

Aligning your brand with the DeFeet Custom Shop ensures your logo and colors create the premiere end-user experience and joy for everyone who wears them. 

The gold standard in sustainably crafted custom socks

DeFeet didn’t just invent the custom sock category. We set out to revolutionize sock design. DeFeet turned the hosiery industry on it’s head, reversing the manufacturing process and crafting socks unlike any that had ever come before. 

DeFeet pioneered hallmark features such as Aireator® mesh to dramatically increase cooling, drying and wicking, EduroSkin™ plating for increased durability and the StayFast™ flat-knit design cuff.  Quality and performance in custom socks had been redefined. 

DeFeet is the leader in the creation of sustainable custom socks. Your brand gets the satisfaction of knowing your socks are crafted from recycled plastic bottles. If you order wool, your product is made from more sustainable and conscientious USA grown, washed and dyed Merino.

Using only the finest Earth friendly Fibers

Three staple performance fibers. Time tested, race proven, better for the planet.

These percentages demonstrate the approximate amount of the DeFeet product line comprised of these three sustainable and recycled performance fibers. When you place an order with the Custom Shop you select which one you’d like your product to showcase.

  • REpreve® from recycled plastic bottles – 40% 40%
  • USA Grown Merino wool – 30% 30%
  • WOOL COMP twisted Repreve® & USA WOOL – 30% 30%

choose from proven, winning models

Think of our socks as the palate for your designs. Have confidence in their performance, because they’ve all been proven in the world’s toughest events.

Woolie Boolie Comp

The award winning, four season mocel made with a combination of USA Wool & Repreve®. Padded fit.

Levitator Trail

Ruggedized for the trail, casualized for everyday life, customized by you. Made with Repreve®. Padded toe and forefoot fit.

Woolie Boolie Knee High

Masterpiece of cold weather sport and savior to those with cold feet, ankles and calves. USA Merino wool. Padded fit.


Retro inspired athletic sock looks with modern, recycled earth friendly performance. Made with Repreve®. Padded fit.

Mondo Wool

The dress sock born from a lineage of racing history. USA Merino wool. Thin fit.

Levitator Lite

Ultralight, super breathable sock for the performance driven. Made with Repreve®. Thin fit.


We are an American manufacturer based in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. DeFeet design is influenced by over 25 years of input and learning in the world’s most difficult endurance athletic events. 

The result is a product line honed for performance and utility. Our products are equally useful at the limits of human performance as they are for people seeking casual comfort. This makes DeFeet Custom Shop items practical, useful and endeared those who own them.

The long heritage of the DeFeet Custom Shop and it’s unequalled success make it an easy choice for brands looking for the best. When you begin your project, you are paired with your own in-house service professional to help guide you through the process. 

No robots, our Custom Shop staff helps you through each stage of the design and order process. Digital mockups of your actual knit design are provided for approval.
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